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world wide!

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Eternity roses

Flower deliveries have been the
same throughout the years.

We felt that it was time for something new, something more personal, more luxurious and
different than what´s been done before. 2015 was the year when the first flowerbox was
sold in Sweden, after that the journey has been incredible. We´ve made a mark, and flowers are
nowadays sent on more exclusive and personal ways than they have ever before.

We´re constantly striving for perfection and our goal is to always creating flower boxes with
top quality.

We´re calling it the new generation of flower delivery.

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La Rosé

Den nya generationens blombud

Leverans över hela världen

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Blommor till bröllopet?

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Are you looking for that ”something special”?

Something that will get you partner, boss, mother, father, childhood friend, enemy getting teary? Then you´ve come to the right place.
Our business idea is that through great service and knowledge always being able to live up to the customer’s needs. Quality and flexibility is number one for us. By having a complete assortment, effectivity and closeness vi are doing that “little extra” Our unique florists will help you make your own unique flower box. You can choose your own color, motive, size, even customize your own greeting on your flower box.
Send it within Sweden or do you admire someone from abroad? We´ll help you get closer to your love!

Eternity roses

La Rosé offers unique flowerboxes worldwide with a big assortment of exclusive flowers. We customize your box completely according to your wishes, by taking orders and creating beautiful patterns and symbols with our roses that are available in an extensive color palette. We are working everyday in order for you as a customer to be pleased with our service and products. La Rosé are always using fresh and new flowers, including our latest contribution; Eternity flowers with a lifetime up to 5 years.

Mix and match colors by yourself!

At La Rosé you can find exclusive roses at anytime of the year and you´ll always find a wide assortment of both fresh flowers and our amazing eternity roses.
All of our roses are delivered in beautiful and stylish boxes that are generously filled. We work daily to make you as customer feeling satisfied. We´re always doing our absolute utmost and all of our boxes are filled with love and quality. After a flower box from La Rosé your partner will fall in love all over again.

Send flower boxes to more than 150 countries!

At La Rosé you find exclusive flowers all year round. Al of our roses are delivered in beautiful and stylish boxes generously filled. We´re constantly striving for perfection and our goals is to always creating flower boxes with the ultimate quality. We send eternityboxes all over the world. We´re helping you to woo someone in a completely different part of the world. It´s as easy domestic as abroad to send flowers.

We always guarantee

Personal delivery within the Stockholm area 24 hours a day.

………Roses that lasts up to 5 years. All of our roses are 100% authentic.

Always fresh roses that are delivered to the door of the receiver.

Always free domestic shipping (Sweden)

We ship our eternity roses worldwide!

We customize floral arrangements after you needs.

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Sent ute till alla hjärtans dag? Till alla besvikna kunder, vi har fått en påfyllning utav evighetsrosor❣️❤️. Lägg din order på Observera att ordern måste bekräftas via mail ( eller per telefon 08-331350. Utkörning efter 17.00 inom Stockholm. Alternativt avhämtning. SISTA CHANSEN🌹🌹. #Larosé24/7 #evighetsrosor #larose_sthlm
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