About La Rosé

Flower deliveries have been the same throughout the years.

We felt that it was time for something new, something more personal, more luxurious and different than what´s been done before. 2015 was the year when the first flower box was sold in Sweden, after that the journey has been incredible. We´ve made a mark, and flowers are nowadays sent on more exclusive and personal ways than they have ever before. We´re constantly striving for perfection and our goal is to always creating flower boxes with top quality. We´re calling it the new generation of flower delivery.

La Rosé was founded in 2015.

The team behind the company have 20 years of experience in flowers and floral arrangements.

La Rosé´s innovative and exclusive flowers are one of a kind. We are offering, with our passion for flowers, exclusive roses to our customers for all occasions! We help you with arrangements for special occasions, weddings and funerals.